COPENHAGEN Old Man's Beard Clematis WANDERLUST bracelet

Clematis vitalba

Also known as Traveller’s Joy, this plant isn’t content with staying just in one place - it has the ability to climb and wrap around any surface, it’s always on the move, searching and growing. The buds for this piece of jewelry were foraged from a flower growing in the busy Copenhagen street. Clematis encourages us to never stop exploring everything the world and nature have to offer.

Properties: It’s used to lessen arthritic and joint pain and to calm abdominal distention and abdominal pain. Clematis vitalba is also an important herb in Chinese medicine, used to treat various  illnesses.

Recycled silver 925

Cord - fits all sizes

Hand Made with respect to the planet in Ljubljana-Slovenia

Foraged in Copenhagen, Denmark

Coordinates: 55°41'09.7"N 12°34'32.0"E