COPENHAGEN - Poppy PEACE bracelet

Papaver dubium

The poppy seeds used for this piece of jewelry were foraged from a small forgotten and overgrown green patch in Copenhagen. There are over 100 species of poppies and you can find them almost anywhere in the world, from the burning deserts to the cold tundras. Believed to aid in restful sleep, poppy encourages us to develop our own sense of inner peace.  

properties: Like most seeds, poppy seeds are rich in fiber, plant fats, and various other nutrients. Poppy seeds are particularly rich in manganese, a trace element important for bone health and blood clotting. This mineral also helps your body utilize amino acids, fats, and carbs. The seeds can be cold pressed to produce poppy seed oil, which is especially rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fats.

Recycled silver 925

Cord - fits all sizes

Hand Made with respect to the planet in Ljubljana-Slovenia 

Foraged in Copenhagen, Denmark

Coordinates: 41°54'34.2"N 12°28'47.9"E