ROME - Caper PASSION bracelet

Capparis spinosa

The heart shaped caper used for this piece of jewelry was from a bush foraged growing next to the overgrown well on the way to Villa Medici in Rome. Caper is native to Mediterranean countries and is frequently used in their cuisine. In ancient times it was believed it holds aphrodisiac properties, today it reminds us to live our life filled with passion, be it for life itself or the things we believe in. 

Properties: Every three serving of fig offers about 5 grams of fiber. That high concentration of fiber helps promote healthy, regular bowel function and helps to prevent constipation. Dried figs have high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and calcium. The active ingredients found in dried figs act as antioxidants that help to eradicate free radicals and prevent oxidative stress that results in age spots, wrinkles and other blemishes.

Recycled silver 925

Cord - fits all sizes

Hand Made with respect to the planet in Ljubljana-Slovenia 

Foraged in Rome, Italy

Coordinates: 41°54'34.2"N 12°28'47.9"E