STOCKHOLM Anise JOY bracelet

Myrrhis odorata

Anise, also known as Sweet cicely is an entirely edible plant that just as the name suggests - tastes sweet. In some cultures it’s believed that cicely imparts joy and happiness and it reminds us to enjoy the small moments in life. The seed for this piece of jewelry was picked from the anise flower next to an old wooden house in Vauxhall.

Properties: When consumed in the form of tea, it alleviates breathing difficulties associated with bronchitis or asthma. The tea is useful for those with upper respiratory tract infections such as flu and common cold.

Recycled silver 925

Cord - fits all sizes

Hand Made with respect to the planet in Ljubljana-Slovenia

Foraged in Stockholm, Sweden

Coordinates: 59°24'11.9"N 18°21'02.0"E