The leaves for this piece of jewelry were foraged from an overgrown planter in the Strandvagen area in Stockholm. Symbolic meaning of ivy has to do with attachment, be it friendship or other relationships.  Just as the plant itself attaches to everything and anything by climbing over walls, stairs, balconies etc. and it won’t easily let go, it reminds us to hold our beloved ones close to our heart wherever we go. 

Properties: English ivy contains antioxidants and has antiallergic and antispasmodic properties. It can also reduce cough and is found useful in asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. It’s also applied to the skin to treat burns, infection, joint pain, swelling, and nerve pain.

Recycled silver 925

Cord - fits all sizes

Hand Made with respect to the planet in Ljubljana-Slovenia

Foraged in Stockholm, Sweden

Coordinates: 59°19'54.7"N 18°04'49.3"E