Our Story

At Floios studio we create handmade Sustainable jewelry from recycled silver recovered from electronic waste. Floios jewelry pieces are minimalistic unaltered forms of nature, its shape forever captured in a shell of silver.


Our jewelry designs are being foraged in nature, urban environments, our window shelves. Every piece comes with a story; date and exact location where a leaf, bark, branch was picked. We are also interested in the symbolic meaning behind each plant. All our pieces have a message and intention.

Our handmade jewelry is made in small series in our studio and many pieces are unique or made to order. Floios is located in Ljubljana –Slovenia, a tiny most forested country of Europe.

What we believe in

At Floios we believe that nature is created in golden proportion and shouldn't be changed by people. We respect and admire nature. it is our home.

Nature is an ultimate design, which one can not overcome. This is the reason, we are not trying to make nature nicer. Why would we? When we are changing and damaging nature we are destroying ourselves. 1,68 ratio is in every plant you step on every leaf you walk by. Nature is intelligent and full of ancient symbolism and healing properties.

If we can make you aware of the beauty af nature trough our jewelry. We have acomplished our goal.

Our process

We are committed to  and environmental responsibility regarding our Business practices. Using recycled silver and eco materials for packaging. All materials used  for making our jewelry or packaging are tracable.


Tina Kosak, Founder & Chief Forager